The Gold Coast Mission Fund was started in May 2015 after Elder Bradley Hicks was burdened to help the churches and mission works in Ghana, Africa. 

Brother Hicks was introduced to foreign mission work by Elder Paul Bryson.  Brother Bryson was introduced to international radio broadcasts by Elder Eugene Brown.  In 1997, Brother Bryson took his first mission trip at the request of Brother Samuel Sekyere, to establish a mission work under the authority of Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  In Kumasi, Ghana, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church was established and Brother Samuel Sekyere was ordained to the full work of the ministry.  Brother Bryson has been actively involved in spreading the gospel through shortwave and FM radio since that time.  His Wells of Salvation program is heard throughout the world and is supported by various churches and individuals in the United States.  A link to his website can be found here.  

Brother Samuel Sekyere traveled to the United States in the spring of 1999 where he and Brother Hicks were first introduced.  Since that time Brother Sekyere has traveled to the United States many times and Brother Hicks was able to travel to Ghana in the summer of 2010.  Along with Brother Sekyere, Brother Hicks is closely acquainted with Brother Paul Owusu (Atebubu) and Brother Frank de Souza (Cape Coast). Lord willing, Brother Hicks and a group of elders will travel to Ghana each year in the summer to hold a Gold Coast Minister and Deacons Conference.